Innovative thinking and ametropia.  fast and effective higher cognitive process ability.  Ability to mobilise and marshal resources.  sturdy determination and self esteem.  readiness to require risks.  acceptive changes in right time.  Access and application to latest scientific and technological data.

Matching the fundamental qualities needed for entrepreneurs and therefore the basic characters of Indian girls reveal that, abundant potential is offered among the Indian girls on their entrepreneurial ability. This potential is to be recognized, brought out and exposed for employment in productive and repair sectors for the event of the state.

Factors moving Entrepreneurship growth:

Economic Factors: one. Lack of adequate basic facilities two. Non- handiness of capital three. Non- handiness of raw materials and finished product. 4. bigger risk concerned in business five. Non- handiness of skilful labour

Social factors four. Customs and traditions five. Rationality of the society six. scheme seven. Social set-up

Personality Factors one. Suspect temperament two. Emergence of coming up with

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