Characteristics and Functions of prosperous Entrepreneurs
Characteristics and qualities ordinarily displayed by prosperous entrepreneurs embody


Self-starters, driven internally by a powerful want to stand out and reach business ventures and take a look at to accomplish their targets, goals, and/or mission.

Moderate Risk-Takers

Taking moderate, calculated risks that provided an inexpensive and difficult probability of success

Control & Direct

Need for management and direct; they exercise most responsibility and answerableness. They show their determination that they’re au fait of each the current and future events to attain their goals.

Tolerance of Ambiguity and Uncertainty

Entrepreneurs tolerate changes in client tastes and desires and weather uncertainty within the external atmosphere

Value & Use Feedback

Entrepreneurs search out and use feedback to find out concerning their mistakes, to boost their performance.

Determination & Persistence

Entrepreneurs possess high levels of determination and a want to beat hurdles. they’re very persistent. they’re realistic, and acknowledge what they’ll and can’t do.

Optimistic & Hopeful

They are optimistic perpetually hope for fulfillment. they are doing not get discomfited, discouraged, or depressed by setbacks or failures, however read them as learning opportunities

Able to management Emotions & Manage Stress

They can manage themselves. they’re not emotional, and not simply anxious by pressures of business and alternative issues. they’re sometimes cool minded and effective even in disagreeable things.

Show Leadership

Entrepreneurs are leaders. they’ll lead and influence others (such as partners in business, staff, colleagues, and customers).

Show Integrity They have high personal standards of integrity and responsibility, and demonstrate a sureness

Analyze the atmosphere

They apprehend the worth of knowledge and that they go at length to get it to assist them in coming up with and taking applicable and profitable selections.

Use Time with efficiency

They have a powerful sense of non-public commitment to satisfy deadlines. They understand time as a crucial resource and take a look at to use it within the very best approach.

Look for chance

They can see a chance once others see chaos and confusion. they’ll predict future events, and see rising trends and opportunities in their fields.


They are committed to their business ventures, which are sometimes semipermanent undertakings.

Functions Performed by Associate in Nursing enterpriser

The enterpriser is that the organizer, World Health Organization conceives the concept and launches the project, additionally as programming the structure of the activities.

The enterpriser is answerable for the management of activities at a minimum price. This includes coming up with, organizing, staffing, superintendence, dominant, observance news.

Monetary Oversight
The enterpriser pays obligations within the form of rent, wages, merchant debts, and interest, etc. and bears the danger of profit or loss.

Promoting & Promotion
The enterpriser is answerable for promoting, as well as advertising and promoting services or products.

The enterpriser is answerable for deciding concerning the size of business following the supply of accessible resources. This includes selections concerning what, wherever and the way to produce services.
Note: publicly, some health services selections ar left to the govt. or a body to that the govt. has delegated its powers.

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