Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in market economies are the engine of economic development. attributable to their personal possession, entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and flexibility in addition as their potential to react to challenges and dynamical environments, SMEs contribute to property growth and employment generation during a vital manner.

SMEs have strategic importance for every economic system due to a large variety of reasons. Logically, the govt. shows such Associate in Nursing interest in supporting entrepreneurship and SMEs.

There are no easier thanks to produce new job positions, increasing value and rising normally of population than supporting entrepreneurship and inspiring and supporting those that dare to start out their own business.

Therefore, coming up with a comprehensive, coherent Associate in Nursingd consistent approach of Council of Ministers and entity governments to entrepreneurship and SMEs within the kind of government support strategy to entrepreneurship and SMEs is an absolute priority.

A comprehensive government approach to entrepreneurship and SMEs would supply for full coordination of activities of various governmental establishments (chambers of commerce, employment bureaus, etc.) and NGOs coping with entrepreneurship and SMEs

With no pretension of shaping the role of the presidency in supporting entrepreneurship and SMEs, we tend to believe that aside from coming up with comprehensive entrepreneurship and SMEs strategy,

The event of national SME support establishments and networks is one amongst key conditions for fulfillment. There aren’t any doubts that governments ought to produce different kinds of support establishments

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