Is the systematic method of collection, analyzing and victimization data to trace a program’s progress toward reaching its objectives and to guide management selections.

Is the scientific method of perceptive, tracking, and recording activities or information for the aim of measure program or project implementation and its progress towards achieving objectives


Is a specific, evident and measurable characteristic that will be accustomed show changes or progress a program is creating toward achieving selected outcomes. OR could be a device providing specific data on the state or condition of one thing, particularly

  • Identification of Indicators for observance the employment of Life Skills at the community
  • Identifying areas of success and areas which require intervention for improvement
  • Assisting in priority setting
  • Assisting in formulating new ways
  • Increasing confidence and awareness of the family
  • Identifying changes therefore for the aim of cementing of rising
  • Guiding in explanations and directives

Making Follow from the employment of Life Skills at home
Reinforce the positive behavior changes
Reinforce acquisition of knowledge/information
Reinforce positive perspective
Reinforce acquisition of skills which will improve the quality of life
Prevent story and misconceptions like feminine venereal accidental injury (FGM)
Prevent risk behavior like alcoholism
Prevent dangerous perspectives like early wedding and widow inheritance

Providing Continuous work on the employment of Life Skills
Providing continuous work on the employment of the life skills at the home level. throughout work on utilization of life skills at the home, level emphasizes on the importance of life skills to the households. You should work on the subsequent importance points:
Ensure a clear understanding of the life skills
Set competitive priority in life to facilitate the helpful higher cognitive process.
Ensure supporting policy and rules.
Ensure smart and even implementable i.e being realistic.
Being targeted, judgment and not a judgment to facilitate the higher cognitive process

During work observe the subsequent skills.
Communicate effectively
Identify downside or risk things and create call supported correct data
Cope with their ideas and convey their selections
Use higher cognitive process and self-assertiveness
Adjust to changes in their lives
Maintain friendships
Resist dares and different peer pressure

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