List Life Skills
List Life Skills

Life skills refer to skills that square measure necessary or fascinating for full participation in everyday’s life. UN agency has outlined life skills as, “the talents for reconciling and positive behavior that alter people to deal effectively with the strain and challenges of everyday’s life”

UN agency defines life skills as “a behavior amendment or behavior development approach designed to handle a balance of 3 areas: data, perspective, and skills”

List Life Skills

  • Self-Knowledge Skills
  • Work Skills
  • Managing cash Skills
  • Problem determination Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Living Skills
  • Being unsuspecting and open-minded
  • Relationship skills

plan generation & scanning of the most effective appropriate plan a pair of. Determination of the business objective three.

  • Product analysis and research four.
  • Determination of sort of possession five.
  • Completion of promotional formalities
  • Raising necessary funds seven.
  • Procuring machine & material eight.
  • Achievement of men nine. endeavor the business operations

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