life skills techniques
life skills techniques


Recognition of “self”, character, strengths and weaknesses, needs and dislikes. To know WHO you are, WHO you’ll become, and the way you’ll stand out in life. perceive self fate, destiny & potentials establish own life business and purpose and things that make which means and convey joy To perceive life stages, challenges, opportunities and obstacles at every stage.


Ability to imagine what life is like for one more person. Crucial thinking: Analyze data associate degreed experiences in an objective manner.

Artistic thinking:

maybe a novel method of seeing or doing things. ability is characterized by four component: fluency (generating new ideas), flexibility (shifting perspective easily), originality (conceiving of one thing new) and elaboration (building different ideas), Call making:

To deal constructively with selections concerning our lives drawback determination. To deal constructively with issues in our life suppose deeply and critically concerning issues acknowledge symptoms of a retardant, trace its root causes, name them, establish and judge attainable solutions, choose the acceptable answer and implement it. Solve issues and learn from past mistakes

Effective communication

Categorical each verbally and non-verbally, in ways in which area unit acceptable to our cultures and situations. Not solely to scan and write, however additionally communicate well with others concerning own thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, tastes, preferences, values, and beliefs.

Converse simply with a wide range of individuals and speak the real
social relationship work with others in positive ways in which with individuals we have a tendency to act with, respect their individuality and strengths, and perceive their weaknesses and desires. produce friendships, and alliances

Listen to, understand, respect, and follow authorities yet as undertake leadership roles and use power showing wisdom. Portray thought, compassionate sense of responsibility to community leaders, people, and family

Addressing stress

Having the ability to acknowledge the sources of stress, their effects and acting consequently that facilitate North American country management our level of stress, by ever-changing our surroundings or life vogue and learning a way to relax. addressing emotions acknowledge and reply to self-emotions, emotions of others and acknowledge however it influences behavior and having the ability to retort to emotions befittingly


  • Is vital in virtually every facet of our lives
  • Confident individuals inspire confidence in others
  • Confidence is doing what you suspect to be right although others criticize you for t
  • Being willing to require risks and attend the additional miles to realize higher things
  • Admitting your mistakes and learning from them.

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