The normally known financial gain Generating Activities within the community embrace however not restricted to;-

  • Food drying, process, and preservation
  • Dried fruit, vegetables, and herbs
  • Processed fruit and vegetable

Preparation and selling of farm products (Small-scale milk process enterprises might be established in villages wherever there’s a surplus of milk). Agricultural production (Some agricultural production activities may be applied so as to produce financial gain such as vegetables, flowers, and flowering tree nurseries, etc) institution and improvement of placental and poultry raising (establish or improve their animal production by shopping for cows or little ruminants or improved poultry (particularly giving birth hen). different activities relevant to agricultural and animal production

  • Mushroom
  • cultivation,
  • Beekeeping,
  • Forestry product exploitation
  • Handicrafts (Support to develop handicrafts at the village level).
  • Shopkeeping activities
  • Home gardens (aromatic and medicative plants and herbs vegetables),
  • Indoor plants,
  • Animal production product,
  • Sewing,
  • Knitting & embroidering,
  • Carpet creating

Potentialities area unit varied in keeping with the precise conditions of the village. selling should be fastidiously thought of before enterprise any of those rural enterprises since lack of selling experience is that the major weakness of this type of program.

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