The communication method may be a two-way method during which info, knowledge, concepts, and meanings ar transmitted by any means that from one individual or cluster to a different individual or cluster

  • Communication process/flow
  • The sender creates a message for the receiver
  • The sender uses a channel to relay the message
  • The receiver and also the sender use feedback to provoke additional info, get answers and establish whether or not the message is known varieties of communication

1. Verbal communication

Sharing info through the written or vocable. a number of the verbal communication ways that are:
Spoken words
Community reach events (eg. ceremonies, boycotts, demonstrations)

2. Non-Verbal Communication

Sharing info while not mistreatment words or language it’s conjointly known as visual communication the subsequent ar a number of the common non-verbal ways that of communication:

  • Personal area
  • Eye contact
  • Facial expressions
  • Body movements and Posture
  • Personal look and Grooming
  • Therapeutic Use of the bit elements of the Communication method

The communication method has 5 elements. These are:
Sender (encoder, source)
Sender / Encoder may be a one who sends the message
A sender makes use of symbols (words or graphic or visual aids) to convey the message and manufacture the desired response

The sender is also a private or a bunch or a company
The views, background, approach, skills, competencies, and data of the sender have a nice impact on the message

The verbal and non-verbal symbols chosen ar essential in ascertaining interpretation of the message by the recipient within the same terms as supposed by the sender

The message may be a key concept that the sender needs to speak it’s an indication that elicits the response of the recipient. The communication method begins with deciding regarding the message to be sent should be ensured that the most objective of the message is evident

Medium or channel The medium may be a means that or strategies wont to exchange/transmit the message. The sender should opt for associate degree acceptable medium for transmittal the message otherwise the message won’t be sent to the required recipients the selection of acceptable medium of communication is crucial for creating the message effective and properly understood by the recipient

This selection of communication medium varies relying upon the options of communication and talent of the sender to use it as an example – the Written medium is chosen once a message must be sent to a little cluster of individuals a number of the communication channels ar as follows: Speaking, Writing, visual communication, Sign language, Telephone, Media (television, newspapers and radios)

Receiver (decoder). Receiver/Decoder may be a person for whom the message is intended/aimed/targeted. The degree to that the decoder understands the message relies upon numerous factors like data of recipient, their responsiveness to the message, surroundings, health standing and also the reliance of encoder on the decoder

Interaction/Feedback. Feedback is the main part of the communication method because it permits the sender to analyze the effectuality of the message. It helps the sender in confirming the right interpretation of the message by the decoder

Feedback is also verbal (through words) or non-verbal (in sort of smiles, signs, etc.) it should take written type conjointly in sort of memos, reports, etc.

Channels of Communication method

Communication may be a medium through that a message is sent/transmitted to its supposed audience like medium or broadcast (electronic) media a number of the communication channels are:-social communication

  • Community reach events
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Telephone
  • Internet

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