Innovation and creative thinking

  • An enterpriser may be a one who is innovative and artistic
  • She/he is often able to introduce new business concepts, new products, establish new markets or apply new business methods so as to create the business sure-fire.
  • The new product refers to the fully novel product or the changed existing product in terms of its options.
  • This is often remarked innovation whereas creative thinking suggests that to create one thing exists.
  • It’s vital to notice that it’s not necessary to introduce the business plan that is completely new; AN enterpriser could copy the business plan and modify it so as to accommodate the context within which the business is going to be operative.


  • An enterpriser ought to be able to establish, screen and utilize the present and potential business opportunities.
  • This is often one in all the foremost vital characteristics of AN enterpriser particularly in today’s business surroundings that are characterized by stiff competition and the highest degree of flexibility.
  • So AN enterpriser is that the one WHO unendingly monitor and appraise the business opportunities


  • An enterprise is that the one WHO will act before others.
  • It’s vital to notice that in business, individuals ar needed to be able to anticipate the long run given the offered info.
  • Failure to try and do, therefore, it’s probable that the business might not achieve success since it’ll be reacting to what it’s happening within the business surroundings instead of being proactive


  • An enterpriser is that the adventurer meaning s/he is willing to take a position her/his resources to utilize the business opportunities.
  • Risk implies that the variability of expected outcome ANd an enterpriser is willing to in-tuned that risk.
  • However, it’s vital to notice that AN enterpriser is in a position to attenuate the impact of the given business risk by accumulating adequate and relevant info so as to create abreast of choices


  • An enterpriser ought to be assured in what s/he is deciding.
  • Confidence makes AN enterpriser to possess a requirement for autonomy/independence.
  • So as for An enterpriser to ascertain a business, s/he should be assured and believe what s/he is doing is correct.


  • An enterprise doesn’t quite simply. An enterpriser keeps on doing things that s/he has set as long as s/he believes that they will have a positive impact within the future.
  • · within the method of creating and managing a business, there are a lot of challenges that An enterpriser is going to be facing.
  • · the foremost vital factor that AN enterpriser is doing is to spot a challenge, its potential impact on the business performance and therefore the thanks to address the known challenge and convert it into a chance.

Result-Oriented Person

  • An enterpriser is that the result-oriented person.
  • S/he may be a one who includes a list of things to realize and concentrate on them.
  • The results are often short term, medium-term or long run results, so AN enterpriser should have the 3 classes of leads to order to with success establish and manage a business

High want for action

  • An enterpriser unendingly struggles to create things higher so as to make sure the business is growing
  • During this case, An enterpriser accepts moderate business risks and challenges and manages them so as to create the business sure-fire.


  • An enterprise is in a position to win over the business stakeholders to be a part of the business so as to realize the business objectives.
  • Business stakeholders are often customers, employees, disposition establishments, government entities, suppliers
  • However, so as to win over the business stakeholders to be a part of the business, entrepreneurs unremarkably examine the interests of every class of stakeholders and demonstrate the ways that the business is often able to accommodate them.

Self Esteem

  • Vanity refers to approach an individual believes that s/he possesses the desired ability to perform a given task or win the supposed objective.
  • Entrepreneurs have high vanity as a result of they believe that they’re capable of creating and managing a business.

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